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The recent surge in popularity of Amino Drops can be attributed mainly to the overwhelming success of its users. Amino Diet is not new however, research and use of Amino drops goes back for more than 50 years.


Melatonin Drops Plus Melatonin is a "sleep cycle" hormone naturally secreted by the brain in cycles that correspond with day and night. Early studies reveal that our ability to naturally produce Melatonin may decrease as we age

Amino Plus

is a complex blend of 7 amino acids specifically chosen to help optimize the body’s weight loss and suppress the appetite. This proprietary blend offers the consumer the best option for rapid weight loss without undue stress on the body. The amino acids give organ support to your liver, kidney, adrenals as well as helping your body to detoxify your organs and tissues.

sells this proprietary blend at discounted prices in case quantities.


Available in 1 or 2 ounce sizes. minimum order size of 1 case (12 units per bottle size). Volume discounts and incentives for larger size orders. Batched and made to order, thus guaranteeing the purest and freshest product on the market.